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IBM Beacon and Top Star Awards to CRIS for E-Working

eWorking is a customized product designed for government departments across India seeking to create paperless office with an integrated document management system. It also features a single sign-on and role-based access. The manual process of moving physical files from one desk to another has been replaced. The earlier system resulted in unnecessary delays owing to lack of information & spatial dimensions of the office. eWorking is an intuitive web based interface that enables employees to work in an efficient and productive manner, enhances decision-making and increases employee morale. A bonus is the environment friendly paperless office.

The eWorking solution has been implemented at South East Central Railway (SECR). It has received 2 prestigious global awards for innovation excellence in Government.
1. IBM Beacon Award Finalist
2.Global Public Sector Top Star Award

CRIS was selected as one of the IBM Beacon Award finalist in the category “Innovation Excellence in government” for the year 2008 for its e-working solution. It has been cited for demonstrating innovation excellence in developing a solution that has repeatable success in addressing customer needs in the area of e-governance. As a Winner/Finalist, Mr. G.K.Maishi, GGM/OAEW was invited to the IBM Business Partner Leadership Conference held in Los Angeles from April 30 till May 2, 2008, culminating in the Beacons Gala on the evening of May 1, 2008.

Following is the link of the complete details of the Beacon Awards as available on IBM Website.
More InformationCRIS was also conferred with the Global Public Sector Top Star Awards for 2008. The “Top Star” award was conferred in a reception held on April 30 2008 at Marriott Los Angles downtown hotel. Mr. G.K.Maishi, GGM/OAEW represented CRIS as the head of the Electronic working division and received the trophy and a golden star from the Top Star Award council.