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Deployment of CMS for Indian Railways

Matter for CMS Press Release

Date: June 19, 2008

Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) have added yet another jewel in their crown by deploying the Crew Management System (CMS) for Indian Railways. The crew comprising of Drivers and Guards are critical resources for the running of trains and their safety. The CMS provides information about these crew persons at all times and thus facilitates the booking of crew on freight trains, passenger carrying trains as well as short movements within terminals and yards.
The Indian Railways has nearly one lakh guards and drivers for performing train operations round the clock. The software solution automates their day-to-day business functions by providing information of their status, rostering their duty allocations, providing information on the availability of crew at their home station and assigning crew to the trains. All this leads to better crew management. CMS has been developed to bring in transparency and greater accuracy of information so that decision makers can take effective business decisions to control crew and optimize on crew utilization.
The software system was rolled out in Dec 2007 and already about 1000 data entry nodes at over 144 crew booking points have been commissioned. These are spread over 9 zones and 30 divisions of the Indian Railways, mainly in Central, Western, Northern regions of India. CMS at present has a database covering 35,000 crew members and over 8000 crew members are being booked daily through the system. By Oct 2008 another 140 locations will come up on Eastern, Southern and North Frontier regions thereby computerizing crew booking over the Indian Railways.
One interesting feature of the system is that the crew is able to interact with the system through a touch screen KIOSK. The System is also being provided with BIO-Metric (thumb impression reader) that eradicates any chances of proxy reporting. The solution is extremely user friendly. CMS uses SMS for providing instant access of information of crew available over mobile phones. CMS also enables crew booking through SMS, and providing information as well as alerts to the managerial and supervisory staff to take corrective action. In this manner the cell phone has been made an important enabler in facilitating quick decision making.

The solution architect for the CMS is energy optimized by way of use of TFT and thin client technology. This saves nearly 2 kilowatt of power for each crew booking locations which shall be huge energy saving for the nation. The entire software has been developed in-house by CRIS software engineers.