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Train operations on the Indian Railways are controlled and monitored by the Control Rooms in each of the seventy seven divisional/ area control offices. The Control Room is the nerve centre of the division. The fluidity of train movements over the jurisdiction of the division is dependent on the efficiency of the Control Room operations. The Control office, by its very nature never shuts down and works all hours of the day and every day of the week. The Control Office Application has changed the way the trains are monitored as train movements are captured in real time and movement of scheduled and unscheduled trains planned and controlled through the computer aided interface.

The Control Office Application is the latest addition to train operations related IT applications. Along with Freight Operations Information System (FOIS), COA has led to all information on train operations being computer generated. It is this application that feeds the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) that provides passengers up to date information on train running. COA also provides train operations information to FOIS and ICMS also. The objective of the Indian Railways is to further improve the operations by using technological aids that enable quicker data capture and intelligent applications that provide better planning and forecasting tools. If you have any further questions or suggestions email us at coa@cris.org.in.


The application requires the controllers to enter data related to the train operations as they receive information from the control points or stations. The application charts the running of the train in a section (a portion of the divisional network) and also generates the advance forecast based on various operational parameters. The train is then virtually handed over to the adjacent division as per its physical movement to maintain continuous flow of information.

The key features of the application include the ability of the controller to order trains, view all possible routes, divert or re-route trains, if required. The application has the facility for capturing and viewing details of consist or composition of the train, details of the crew and locomotive. Reporting of unusual events is enabled through the user friendly interface. There is also a chart that shows details of line occupancy, caution orders, and abnormal working. One of the key elements of the application is the ability to forecast or extrapolate the running of trains which allows the controller to plan better. For managerial supervision the charts can be printed apart from the fact that structured MIS reports are also generated.

COA has been designed such as it can be integrated with any other application. The National Train Enquiry System (NTES), the Punctuality Analysis Module (PAM), and Freight Operations Information System (FOIS) are all integrated through an Enterprise Application Integration Software.

The application has been developed with a 3 layered architecture comprising of client, application servers and database servers. The operating system is Windows Server 2003, 64 Bit for servers and Win XP for clients. Database is Oracle 10g 64 bit. GUI is based on ASP. Net, C# Win Forms and middleware is Dot Net Framework with IIS.

The Control Office Applications group is part of the operations applications division within CRIS. The group is currently led by Shiv Kumar Prasad, General Manager, an Indian Railway Traffic Service officer with more than 22 years experience in railway operations. The technical team is led by Achal Jain, Principal Project Engineer. Achal has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry.

  Last Updated on : 05/12/2014