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Millions of passengers book their journeys everyday with the confidence that when their train rolls up on the appointed day, it would bring a coach which has place for them. To meet this expectation day in day out, Indian Railways need to track over 50 thousand coaches. By efficiently deploying the fleet, railways are able to run more services for the benefit of their passengers, while minimising any chances of disruption and disappointment. IR also must ensure that these assets receive timely servicing and maintenance. Depending upon the need, the system can deliver historical records from past years in printed reports, or up-to-the-minute information on an official’s cell phone.

The Integrated Coach Management System does exactly all this and more. There are three modules that give a comprehensive view to the managers and facilitate quick identification of available resources and their allocation as per the requirements. If you have any further questions or suggestions email us at icms@cris.org.in.

The COIS (Coaching Operations Information System) module of this application provides detailed, real-time information for planning, executing and monitoring the operations of passenger services. Since the system is aware of the plans, it requires minimal data input. Even this input is easy because the users can literally drag and drop coaches in a virtual representation of their yards.

Another module, called the CMM or Coach Maintenance Management module, has been developed to facilitate and record maintenance of coaches and the management of spare parts inventory. It is fully integrated with the operations modules for generating alerts, interchange of information, request for placement of rolling stock for repairs, delivery and acknowledgement of certification of coaches for service, etc.

The Punctuality Analysis & Monitoring (PAM) module of ICMS automatically picks up the delays from the Control Office Application (COA) and produces real-time insight into the state of the operations. The system provides consistent and accurate reports for all level of management, from the operative to the strategic. Since ICMS already has most of the related information, it is the natural place to also monitor and analyse the punctual running of trains.

The operations (COIS) and punctuality (PAM) modules have been developed in-house on the Java EE 6 platform and hosted on IBM WebSphere Application Server. The maintenance module leverages the capabilities of IBM Maximo Asset Management software.

The ICMS group is part of the operations applications division within CRIS. Mandeep Singh Bhatia, General Manager, an IRTS officer with 20 years of experience in the field of Railway operations, leads the team. The technical team is led by Priya Srivastava, Principal Project Engineer. Priya has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry .


Last updated/reviewed on : 26/09/2017