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Many people find it extremely fascinating to pore over the Railway time table, especially while undertaking a train journey. The route that the train traverses through, the stations en route both significant and lesser known ones, the timings and the stoppages – all these are part of the romance of train journeys. The time table is something like the compass was for the early traveller or the star studded night sky for the seafarer.

Creating a time table for trains on a busy network like the Indian Railways is an extremely challenging task. Planners on the Zonal Railways work independently and then collaboratively with other Zonal level planners to design the All India time table. The two main objectives are that it should be convenient to the passenger and feasible to run on the system. Introducing new train services and augmenting older ones is an art and a select group of planners are highly skilled in this task. Indian Railways decided to provide software tools to aid the planning process. The Software Aided Train Scheduling and Network Governance (SATSaNG) project is entrusted with the task of building such a tool. The entire resource allocation process will now be aided by the tool leading to more efficient allocations and robust time tables. If you have any further questions or suggestions email us at satsanghelpdesk@gmail.com.

Fixed Infrastructure Resources Module (FIRM)

The Infrastructure Module will have information on the fixed infrastructure and definitions required for assignment of train services. All information on tracks and signaling will be used to determine the appropriate definitions for conflict free assignment of fixed infrastructure resources. The user interface will include a view of the IR network map.

Rolling Assets Module (RoAM)

The rolling assets resources module will handle all the mobile resources, the rakes, the locomotive and the running staff. The rules for utilizing these resources will be handled within this module.

Scheduling Module for Allocation of Resources to Trains (SMART)

TThe Scheduling Module is at the heart of the Time Tabling software. This is the module where all the assignment of resources will be done. The resources will be assigned to train services in a manner that there is no conflicting demand on the same resource and the entire allocation is consistent across all the resources.

Publish Report and Exchange Supporting System (PRESS)

The publishing module will contain all the output from the scheduling module and publish it to the other applications like COA, ICMS, PRS, NTES, and CMS. This module will also be used to publish hard copies of the time table in the format specified by the user.

Freight Type Unscheduled Trains & Utilization of Resources Estimation (FUTURE)

The capacity module will take all passenger train schedules as fixed and can be used to identify potential freight paths. Further this module will have the capability of building in “what if” scenarios.

Simulation Module and Run Time Estimation Reports (SMaRTER)

The simulation module will contain three elements; the train performance or run time calculator, the sectional simulation tool and the terminal simulation tool.

Demand Evaluation Module to Assist in New Design of Services (DEMANDS)

The Demands Module will contain analysis of the data from the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) and Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS).

The SATSaNG application is being developed in house, using Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Visual Studio C# for development, Microsoft Expression Blend for designing Interfaces, WPF framework for Rich Graphical Interface and MVVM for design patterns. Oracle 11G provides the backbone for the centralized database. This application is being designed based on a three layered architecture. Terminal servers will be used to host application centrally. All the servers will reside in CRIS data centre in high availability mode.

The SATSaNG team is headed by Mr. Shiv Kumar Prasad, General Manager (ICMS), having more than twenty two years of experience in the field of Railway Operations. The technical team is led by Mr. Achal Jain, Principal Project Engineer.

  Last Updated on : 05/12/2014