Accounting Information Management System


  • To bring all units of IR under Single Accounting Application and Single Database.
  • To bring about and implement uniform processes and Standardised Codes and Procedures.
  • Seamless exchange of information with related Applications and Systems like Banks, GSTN, GeM etc.
  • To incorporate enough security checks and validations to make the system robust and secure.
  • Design a hassle-free payment system to all legitimate beneficiaries.

A challenging task to provide single Application for IR suiting requirements of all Zonal Railways/Other Units of Indian Railways.


  • Single Application covering entire expenditure of IR with added transparency and accountability.
  • Payment mechanism with layered security including all the GST compliances.
  • Seamless integration with Banks for Centralised Integrated Payment Solution.
  • Maintain all accounts in prescribed format. MIS reports for assisting management decisions.
  • Seamless transfer of PPOs from Railways to Banks.
  • Integrations with various applications viz. Crew Management System (CMS), IREPS/IMMS, GeM, Banks etc.

Single Application covering entire expenditure of IR and Cashless payment by transferring the digitally signed payment files to SBI.

Our Solution


It covers entire gamut of Payroll covering Salary of Railway employees. Module covers Income Tax, Bonus, Cash Compensation(RPF),Travelling Allowance, Child Education Allowance, Over Time, NDA, Running Allowance etc. It has been linked with Crew Management System (CMS) for automatic calculation of Allowances.

Bill Passing

All establishment and non-establishment bills are passed through this module. It has been integrated with IMMS for verification of Purchase Order & Receipt Note. It is GST compliant and information related to GST including Input Tax Credit (ITC) eligibility is shared with GSTN through GST group. This module has been integrated with other applications to capture bills received from Suppliers, RITES, GeM etc.

Centralised Integrated Payment Solution (CIPS)

All payments passed by system are processed to generate a file containing payment details, which is digitally signed by authorised officials and sent to SBI by way of Integration between AIMS and SBI Servers. These files are verified by SBI for its authenticity and then processed for crediting payments into beneficiaries' accounts. Reconciliation of transactions is made automatically by the system. The system has eliminated physical cheques and manual intervention to transfer beneficiary data through CD/mail. It is a faster and secure way of payment and reconciliation of transactions.


This is a system for Online Reconciliation of Transfer Transactions across Railways. This allows accounting units to transfer transactions, both inter and intra Railway and monitor those transactions, generate Journal Vouchers, settle accounts among units and Railways.


This module manages control over expenditure of Railways. It covers preparation of Revenue and Demand 16 estimates by units, its consolidation and submission to Board. After allotment of Budget grant by Board to Zonal Railways, the same is distributed among various units.

Pension & Settlement

This module covers Preparation of PPO , Settlement Bills (Leave Salary, GIS, DCRG and Commutation) and its Revision. It also has facility of e-PPO through which Digitally signed PPOs are sent to Banks online for faster disbursal of Pension.


This module manages Settlement Bills (Leave Salary, GIS, DCRG) along with monthly family pension to nominees of NPS employees including DA Arrears and recovery if any.

Cash & Pay

This module manages functionalities of Cash & pay office in Railways. This covers capturing of details of Money received in Cash Office either by Cashier through Miscellaneous Cash Receipt (MCR) or by Shroff for Station Earnings received through Cash Remittance Note (CRN). Cash Book is also maintained through this module by Cashier on daily basis.


It is a Browser based application hosted at CRIS Data Centre with centralised management and maintenance of infrastructure. Its access is available to users 24*7 through Internet.


Being based on Centralized Architecture, quick Information of entire IR is available to Railway Board. This helps Board in expenditure monitoring and control .

Cashless Payment

Payment to all beneficiaries is made by integrating the system with SBI. This has eliminated need for signing physical cheques for payments.


A Bilingual Mobile App is available to Railway employees through which they can view details of their Salary, PF ledger, Income Tax, Loans, LAP/LHAP balances etc. Facility has been provided to retired employees to view their Retirement benefits.


Digitally signed e-PPOs are being sent to 16 Public Sector Banks to disburse pension to retired employees.


Integrated with various systems like Crew Management System (CMS), IREPS/IMMS, GeM etc. for exchange of necessary data for payment to beneficiaries. Integration with IMMS helps supplier for faster refund of EMD. Data shared to IREPS helps supplier to track status of their Bills.

Number of Users


Mobile App Users


Yearly Payment Managed

3 Lakh Crore+