Employee Self Service & Internal Applications


  • To reduce time consumption in movement, processing and follow-ups of files..
  • To enable immediate tracking of bills status, project financial status & other enquiries.
  • To minimize the consumption of paper in office.
  • To ensure accountability for all actions by maintaining an audit trail for all activities within the system.

To establish an effective, reliable and user-friendly in-house IT system in integrated manner to serve employee in order to save the productive time of employees and let them concentrate on their projects/works to improve performance


  • To improve efficiency and decision-making ability by reducing paper work through digitalization.
  • To provide an effective online tracking mechanism for files/documents which largely eliminates time required for tracing/searching the requisite information.
  • To enhance the decision-making capabilities by having extensive search capabilities and providing instant access (24x7) to all the information.
  • To eliminate wear and tear as well as loss associated with manual files and documents.

CRIS Internal Applications are developed to facilitate CRIS employees in performing their tasks online in efficient, secure and user-friendly manner to ensure accountability, security and accuracy.

Our Solution

CRIS Payroll Application

  • Maintaining employee's & other master information
  • Handling of transactional data (non-statutory allowances, recoveries etc.) for employees to be used during salary process.
  • Processing of salary using Master and Transactional data related to employee and prevailing rules.
  • Generation of various statutory reports & other enquiries
  • Calculations of Arrears, Payment of Lease accommodations.
  • Maintain Earning, saving for Income Tax Calculations

CRIS ESS Application

  • ESS Dashboard-To show important information like employee-on-leave & on-tour, B'day of employees. To flash message, to show office order, notices and links of other important applications etc.
  • Leave Module-Approvals of various leave types, maintain leave balance
  • Personal Bill claims-Claims & Approval employee's personal bill
  • Tour Programs, Advances & Claim Expenses
  • Leased Accommodation Approvals - Request & Approval for Lease
  • Conference Hall Booking Requests & Approvals - Online booking & status
  • File Movement Tracking - Keeping details of tracking of all files in system
  • CRIS Assets Management - Entry, Transfer & Dispose-off assets by group itself
  • Outsourced Staff Info. Mgt. - Maintaining info for OS staff working in CRIS
  • Telephone & Mobile Bill Entry - Entry for Payment of bills of telephone & mobiles
  • Taxi Bill Entry & Payment - To process bills of Hired/Office Vehicles
  • Post-Retirement Medical Allowance Payment - Managing the payment of medical allowance to employees who have retired from CRIS.
  • Organisational Documents - Option to upload & download documents (e.g. FM Reports, HR Policies, ISG, Hindi, Vigilance Bulletins, Cloud- Infra etc.)
  • Survey & Registration - To conduct survey, poll & registration on various occasions
  • ID-Card Request & Printing - Request, Approval & Printing of ID-Card
  • Bio-Data Module - Verification of qualification, family & address details entered by employees
  • Send SMSs & Display Messages - Entry of SMS, Message and send to targeted recipient's mobile no., display to user on ESS home page.
  • No-Dues Module - To initiate & get the no-dues from different group on leave CRIS.
  • Self-declaration for VPF, House Rent, I. Tax related & other
  • Enquiries/Downloads - Salary slips, Income Tax schedules, Form 16 etc.

Financial Accounting System

  • Registration of all types of bills (Stores bill, Out Party bills, Salary Bills etc.)
  • Passing of employee's personal claim-bills (Tiffin, NDA, Tel-BB etc)
  • Clubbing of multiple bills in a Cash-Abstract and process for payment.
  • Printing of Cheque and/or generation of EFT payment details for bank.
  • Accounting reports, MIS reports and enquiries e.g. Cash Book, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Financial position of projects/ group etc.

File Tracking

Tracking of electronic file is easy with reports and search engine. It saves time and effort resulting in Effective utilization of Human Resources Increased ability to monitor file movements. Provides central repository to access requisite information/data.

Decision Making

It also enhances the decision-making capabilities by having extensive search capabilities and providing instant access (24x7) to all the information. It substantially reduce the time required for complete processing thereby increasing employee efficiency and productivity .

Environment Friendly

Usage of paper has been reduced considerably hence the application is a major step towards green environment.



Salary related transactions (per year)


Leave Application transactions (per year)