• Migration from Individual Departmental Infrastructure Set up to Shared Cloud based Infrastructure set up environment.
  • Rational and need based Infrastructure Sizing and availability to cater normal / peak loads
  • Avoid repetition of work across different departments in carrying out Infrastructure procurement and setup.
  • Standardization and adoption of modern technologies in Infrastructure domain and fulfillment of Security Requirements by experts
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The biggest challenge has been to bring a paradigm shift in adoption of a "Cloud First" policy throughout organization.


  • To provide Business agility with ready infrastructure availability and scalability with common Infrastructure.
  • Optimum usage of Infrastructure through consolidation and building an expertise vertical dedicated for infrastructure.
  • Centralized Procurement & Installation of common infrastructure
  • Standardization of technology at infrastructure layer
  • Easy implementation of security policies /patch upgrades

The ultimate goal has been to create an On-premise Private cloud for hosting of mission critical applications of Indian Railways and adoption of Public cloud for elastic/temporary requirements & specialized services like data analytics.

Our Solution


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has been provided to the Project groups / teams to provision the processing, storage, networks, operating system and other fundamental computing resources and enable Project Teams to deploy software stacks such as databases, application server and the application itself.


Platform as a Service (PaaS) has been provided to the Project groups / teams as a combination of IaaS capabilities along with different platforms viz. Operating System (Ubuntu , Red Hat Linux) and/or with Open source system Software (like Postgress, Jboss, Redis, Apache, NGINX,etc.).

NaaS / FaaS

Network as a Service(NaaS) has been provided for virtual Load Balancer and Firewall as a Service (FaaS) for enabling virtual Firewalls.


Backup as a Service(BaaS) has been provided for on demand backup through backend backup software application. The backup is stored in virtual Tape Library.


Reduced efforts and time for infrastructure setup thereby resulting in Business Agility. Efforts/time/procurement uncertainties can be avoided in Infrastructure setup.


Consolidation and sharing of Infrastructure through multi-tenant based sharing model to serve multiple projects.

Scalability and Elasticity

Enabling automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of infrastructure on demand resulting in elasticity & scalability with additional cost benefits.

Metering and Monitoring

Cloud Technology enables metering & monitoring capabilities so as to measure project based resource utilization and billing / costing provisions accordingly.

Optimum Utilization

System Administration and DB Administration teams to be replaced / augmented by common Cloud Administrators leading to better utilization of human resources.

Modern Technology

Standardization and adoption of modern technologies in Infrastructure domain thereby getting rid of legacy issues.