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  • Real-time availability of mammoth information to the top management.
  • Zero compilation and information collection time delays.
  • Error free data for Quick-Analysis, decision making & monitoring.
  • Digitally promote Transparency and accountability by sharing government statistics, initiatives, achievements, live photos and feeds with general public.

To bring information from myriad sources under a single window and digitally provide a bird's eye view of key parameters pertaining to Indian Railways for Quick-Analysis, decision making & monitoring-review purpose.


  • To provide meaningful and useful information out of voluminous data through data mining.
  • Data Analytics based SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) Analysis of major KPIs of Indian Railways.
  • Availability of current information any time, anywhere, 24*7 to stake holders.
  • Development of a G2C (Government to Citizen) tool to communicate initiatives taken by government to general public.
  • Empower citizens with Multi-media based self monitoring features.

eDrishti fulfils the above goals by providing a modern All-in-One DSS dashboard with in-built graphs, charts, widgets and indicators to easily appreciate data. In addition, RailDrishti (www.raildrishti.in) has become a single platform to avail all Railway services and public engagement media with Indian Railways.

Our Solution

KPIs- At a Glance

A glance of important KPIs of Indian Railways viz. Earnings (Passenger, Freight, Scrap,etc.), Expenditure (Revenue & Works), Tickets, Passengers, Freight Loading, Punctuality, Bills, Track Renewals, Bridge Inspections, Asset Failures, etc. is available on this platform along with trend analysis facilitating users to highlight the positive and negative areas to act upon.


Indian Railways has developed a host of services on digital platforms and the status of these services can be availed by customers by feeding their user identity numbers. Rail Drishti facilitates a tab consisting of six services namely, PNR enquiry, ODC application enquiry, Complaint Enquiry, Tender Enquiry, Shramik Enquiry and Freight related enquiries. A Freight calculator for transportation by Railways is also made available for freight customers. Also links to nine important Railway websites from citizen's point of view are available here.

LIVE Kitchen Feeds

The dashboard provides a facility to view live feeds from the cameras installed in Railway kitchens. The public can now themselves observe how the food served to them in trains is being cooked and packed. This is one of the major steps in ensuring public participation in governance and promote transparency and accountability.

Trains On Run

At any time, all the passenger / freight carrying trains running on the Indian Railways network can be seen on country map. Any of them can be clicked to get the information about running status of the train as well as the contact number of housekeeping staff, if present on the train.


All the Railway related grievances (General or Onboard) are tracked via this dashboard. The passenger can not only enquire about the grievance redressal status through this platform but can also monitor the overall number of grievances resolved as well as pending with their pendency duration. Further, zone wise and division wise breakup as well as complaint type wise breakup can also be viewed.

Shramik Kalyan

The dashboard also facilitates unorganized sector casual labourers working with Railway contractors. The dashboard empowers them by providing a self-service enquiry mechanism about their wages actually paid and recorded online. The details like labourers, contractors enrolled, wages paid, mandays, etc. can be seen department wise and zone wise for various time periods. This is an attempt to ensure that the labourers in the unorganized sector are paid their dues for which they are entitled.


Achievements of Indian Railways as a whole and achievements of Railways in various states and constituencies can be viewed via the dashboard. The 100 days achievements of government can also be seen here to communicate the development activities going on in Railways with the citizens of the country.


The dashboard also showcases the cultural aspect and the enigma of travel on Indian Railways. The information is provided in four sections, viz, the Rail heritage, Encompassing role of Railways in shaping Indian society; Memorable Journeys involving dramatic journeys and displaying stunning sceneries; the 360 degree Virtual Tours of some exceptionally beautiful routes, trains, saloons and a tourism desk providing important information and tourist services related to Railways.

Station Beautification

The dashboard provides a mechanism to monitor the progress of some of the major initiatives launched to improve Passenger Amenities on the Indian Railway network. It makes available the images of various areas across IR network before and after the work completion. Through images / photographs, people can see the improvements in amenities and services being provided to them by Railways.

Information Availability

Real time / scheduled availability of information in eDrishti to the top management with zero compilation and collection time delays. Also due to automated data integrations, minimal chances of data errors.

Live Monitoring

With the visibility of Live Kitchen streams and Station Development Photographs to general public through RailDrishti, significant improvements in the cleanliness, ambience and overall improvement has undergone on the ground level also.

Digital India Initiative

As a "Digital India Digital Rail initiative", RailDrishti has provided a single window to various stakeholders of Railways to get information and avail services.

Decision support system

eDrishti is a first of a kind monitoring DSS mechanism for quick monitoring and decision making in Indian Railways. It has also been considered as one of the achievements in the 5 years achievement list of NDA government in terms of governance.


RailDrishti is a digital step in promoting transparency and accountability by sharing government statistics, initiatives, achievements to general public.

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