Integrated Coaching Management System


  • Online Punctuality Analysis & Monitoring.
  • Online asset failure reporting and analysis, Cause-Detention analysis of trains.
  • Online Coach holding and utilization for better decision making.
  • Maintenance of Train Master over Indian Railways to avoid duplicity.

A strong challenge in terms of improved coach & loco reporting, caution orders digitalization and Master Data Management to support the entire gamut of coaching operations.


  • Online monitoring and reporting of Punctuality performance of passenger carrying trains.
  • Digitalization of all operational activities related to Locomotives, Coaches and Rakes.
  • Seamless Integration with train operation applications.
  • Centralized data entry and reporting.

The objective has been to keep an integrated application framework which can seamlessly integrate with Control Office Application, Train Enquiry System, Freight Operations Information system, Reservation system, Coaching Maintenance Management, Train Scheduling system, Crew Management System, TTE Lobbies, etc.

Our Solution


Punctuality Analysis & Monitoring (PAM) module provides various functionalities and reports for monitoring the punctuality performance of passenger carrying trains.


Coaching Operations Information System (COIS) module captures all operational activities of Coaches and Rakes.

Utility & Mail

Utility application facilitates the user in submitting feedbacks, ICMS user management (add/modify/delete user) etc. Separate mailing facility has also been provided to facilitate communication among ICMS users.

Passenger Loco module

This module captures all operational activities of locos under passenger service. Zonal and Divisional power controllers are users of this module. Loco module is integrated with FOIS(Freight Operation Information System) for Shed-In/Shed-out and Service exchange (Passenger -> Goods & Goods-> Passenger) to provide integrated position of locos running under Passenger and Goods services in near real time.

MIS Reports

This module provides various kinds of reports related to all ICMS modules such as master data reports, monitoring reports, user performance reports, historical reports, analytical reports, utility report, etc. Reports are provided for all user levels for monitoring, analysis and early decision making under various heads e.g. Detention, Asset Failure, COA reports, Loco reports, Stock reports etc.

Integration service

Integrated Coaching Management System (ICMS) modules are integrated with following important Systems of IR:- 1) COA (Control Office Application) 2) NTES (National Train Enquiry System) 3) FOIS (Freight Operations Information system) 4) PRS (Passenger Reservation system) 5) CMM (Coaching Maintenance Management) 6) SATSaNG (Software Aided Train Scheduling and Network Governance) 7) CMS (Crew Management System) 8) PMS(Parcel Management System) 9) CTTL (Computerisation of TTE Lobby)

Improved Accuracy
  • Single point of Data entry
  • Single point centralized reporting
  • Trend analysis of past years can be done for improvement in train running.
  • The Caution order is printed through system instead of Manual caution order.
  • Accurate coach reporting.
  • Automated System generated VG
  • Abolition of manual coach census.
  • Automated the process of sending actual physical coach number to PRS to display in charts.
  • Improved Passenger Loco reporting.
  • Online FTR Train(s) / Coach(es) booking.
Time Table Integration & Distribution
  • Reduced efforts in Time-Tabling activity.
  • Automatic generation of tentative routes by system.
  • Uniform non-reduntant Train master data management.
Integrated Applications