National Train Enquiry System


  • To keep the travellers informed about updated train schedules.
  • Dissemination of information to public about trains cancelled / diverted.
  • To facilitate passengers by providing expected Trains Arrival / Departure timings at Stations.
  • To track Live Current Running status of any train on Indian Railways Network.

At times, for reasons beyond the control of Indian Railways, the trains get delayed, rescheduled, cancelled or diverted. It has been a challenging task and need of the hour to communicate the same to commuters systematically.


  • To provide passengers complete schedule of single/all trains with all stoppages enroute.
  • To provide commuters the expected train arrival / departure in next 2,4,6 or 8 hours at a station.
  • Facilitate information dissemination through multiple channels viz. Display Boards, Mobile Apps, Enquiry Counter, etc.
  • To keep travellers informed about live Train running status & partial / fully cancelled, route diverted trains along with end to end train availability.

The objective of NTES system is to empower passengers and citizens by consistently disseminating near real time passenger train running information on IR in an effective, reliable and user friendly manner keeping in view the changing user needs and technology advancements.

Our Solution

Spot Your Train

This option provides information about a running train. Current running status and expected time of arrival/expected time of departure (ETA/ETD) at the queried station can be easily known through this query. Google Map feature has also been made available to track the running of trains on run. Partially Cancelled routes and Diverted routes are also shown in case of such exception.

Train Schedule

This provides complete schedule of a given train with all its public stoppages en-route and scheduled arrival/departure at the stations, distance and day count.

Live Station

This option replicates the display boards at station . One can see the trains expected to arrive/depart at any station in next 2,4,6 or 8 hours.

Trains between Stations

This option covers all trains defined on IR. Using this option one can find out the list of all types of trains available between any two stations.

Exceptional Trains

This option provides information about all the exceptions in the day to day running of trains including cancelled trains (both completely or partially cancelled), rescheduled trains and their modified timings and diverted trains modified routes


The new light weight mobile compatible web interface (enquiry.indianrail.gov.in), which offers quick and easy access to essential information for passengers, has been largely appreciated for its speed, simplicity and richness of information and enhanced user experience.

Mobile Apps

First official Mobile App of Indian Railways for train enquiry was indigenously developed by CRIS for the most commonly used mobile platforms viz. Android, Windows and iOS.

Display Boards at Station

Train Arrival/Departure timings, delay and platform number information is disseminated to passengers through display boards installed on platforms and station premises through NTES services.


Public can do face to face enquiry at enquiry counter at stations facilitating train related information through NTES terminals or IVRS based 139 call centres.

Wide Reach

23 million passengers travelling on Indian Railways everyday are the direct beneficiaries of this initiative. With growth in passenger traffic on Indian Railways over the years and sharp rise in internet users, the applicability of and dependency on this system has increased tremendously.

Customer Convenience

The new interface provides quick and easy access to essential information for passengers and has been largely appreciated for its speed, simplicity and richness of information and enhanced user experience.


Mobile App serves passenger enquiries with authentic, reliable and near real time information while he is on move, at no cost. No more long queues at enquiry counters; no more chargeable long enquiry calls.

Real Time Information

Along with train running position, arrival/departure of trains at station and train schedule, it also provides crucial information on exceptional, occasional and special events.

Daily Page Views

20 Crore+

Concurrent Users

80 Thousand +

App downloads

8 Million +