Parcel Management System


  • To strengthen parcel booking and movement system using IT.
  • Removal of manual calculations and imposing of penalties.
  • Online Internet based parcel booking facility.
  • To facilitate tracking of parcels sent through Indian Railways.

To leverage state-of-art technological solutions to facilitate parcel booking activities in Indian Railways.


  • IT enablement of Parcel booking and tracking system throughout Indian Railways.
  • Automatic calculation of undercharge, demurrage and wharfage etc. penalties or concessions.
  • Online access to General public to facilitate parcel booking activities using internet.
  • Tracking parcel with help of barcode technology and through SMS.

The objective has been to implement a technology driven Parcel Management System for parcels handling in Indian Railways

Our Solution

Parcel Booking

This module covers forwarding note generation, Railways Receipt generation for Luggage, Parcel Way Bills, Parcel Van Booking and Lease MR. Feeding of Railways Receipts of City booking agency and FSLA Booking for registered news paper and magazines. After booking SMS based alerts are also sent to consignor and consignee.

Barcode Printing(IR)

Through this utility, Printed 2D Barcode Stickers are generated from Barcode printer on a particular system generated RR no. or Non-System PWB No. This barcode contains Receipt no. along with source and destination, and is pasted on each item of consignment, which is scanned at the time of loading and unloading, thereby helping in tracking of consignment.


This module covers prioritised loading of packages, advance information of packages to be unloaded at platform. Hand Held Terminals are used at platform for real time updation of status of packages. After consignment is loaded/ unloaded, SMS based alerts are sent to consignor and consignee

Delivery Module

This module facilitates generation of delivery gate pass and automatic calculation of undercharge, demurrage and wharfage. After consignment is delivered, SMS based alerts are sent to consignor and consignee.

MIS Reporting

The MIS reporting module generates reports for daily transactions in various formats required by station, division, TA and zonal offices.

Lease e-Registration

Through this module, new Lease holders can register online and upload their relevant documents in order to participate in e-tendering of luggage compartments.

e-Forwarding Note

General public can provide details of the parcel to be booked from internet which enables faster and accurate booking and payment at parcel offices, as details entered will be fetched into parcel application at stations.


  • Direct capture of parcel weight electronically
  • Universal windows for all destinations for booking
  • Single window for weighment and cash payment
  • Advance unloading guidance about inward parcel from the system at destination
  • Tracking parcel with help of barcode technology and through SMS
  • Train Master entry along with scales by Railways

Ease to Customers

  • Track latest status of the parcel through internet and SMS
  • Reduction in time required for weighment and booking

Assistance to Staff

  • Automatic freight calculation based on latest rules
  • Reduction in human errors.
Overall to Railways

  • Loading as per priority thereby curtailing malpractices and complaints
  • Beneficial to Accounts for internal check
  • Reduction in Claims
  • Potential for revenue generation based on improvement in service.

Divisional HQs commissioned


Stations Covered