Real Time Train Information System


  • Automatic acquisition of train movement data on Indian Railways for improving operational efficiency and quality of train positioning information for passengers ease.
  • Emergency messaging from loco pilot to control room.
  • Automatic plotting of control charts thereby reducing the possibility of human errors.
  • Reliable train movement updates from moving locomotive to central server without using any way-side infrastructure.

Automatic acquisition of train movement data on Indian Railways has always been a key requirement & the greatest challenge for accurate train speed and position reporting.


  • Automatic acquisition of train movement information through satellites and provision to relay the received information to Control Office Application (COA) for automatic plotting of control charts.
  • Installation of a device in the locomotives to detect position and speed using Geo-Positioning system.
  • Middleware / Application Software to send the train movement updates (Arrival/Departure/Run-through/Un-Scheduled stoppages and mid section updates) to Central Location Server (CLS).
  • Provision of transferring updates over a dedicated satellite based communication channel.

A major paradigm shift in legacy train operations by shifting the dependency of train movement control on the information manually relayed by the station master / section controllers to an automatic satellite based Real-time Train Information System (RTIS).

Our Solution

Smart Locomotive Device

  • Locomotive device comprising of GAGAN (GPS Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation System) to capture loco position, Satellite communication (SatCom) transceiver, 4G-3G to complement SatCom and 2.4 GHz RF/Zigbee module along with appropriate CPU, Memory, embedded operating system and application software. External Antennae for all modules housed in outdoor unit mounted on loco rooftop
  • Provision to support for NAVIC / IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) is also in plans.

Satellite Transponder & Hub

  • Satellite Transponder and Hub (including NMS hardware & software) has been located in CRIS Datacentre to receive movement updates through SatCom.


Focus on Train Location & Speed

  • The application software in loco device determines train movement events i.e. Arrival, Departure, Run-through at stations using a pre-defined logic based on spatial coordinates.
  • Train speed received continuously every 30 seconds from GAGAN receiver.

Integration with COA

  • The events along with position/locations updates is communicated to a Central Location Server (CLS) using Satellite as well as 4G/3G mobile data service.
  • Central Location Server (CLS) hosted in CRIS DC processes the received data and relays it to Control Office Application (COA) for automatic plotting of control charts.
  • As COA is already integrated with National Train Enquiry System (NTES), accurate real-time information for passengers is obtained automatically.

Loco device Health Monitoring & SOS

  • Configuration Management System (LMCS) is utilized to monitor the health of loco device, managing its configuration & updating the software/firmware in the loco device.
  • Emergency messaging between Loco driver and control office is also implemented through RTIS.


Automatic Control chart plotting for trains hauled by RTIS enabled locomotives in all divisions. Real-time loco tracking provision has been provided to loco sheds & Zonal Railways

Accurate Punctuality Monitoring

Real Time train running information leads to accurate Train Punctuality Monitoring.

Better Planning

Through updated real time information about train movements, better planning of train movements in various sections can be carried out. Accurate train running information also leads to Optimum crew booking

Location Updates
(30 sec)

50 Lakh +



Events Generated For Arrival/Departure/Through

2 Lakh +