RPF Security Helpline 182


  • To build a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for handling Distressed Passengers Calls and to ensure their early resolution.
  • Provision to alert nearby RPF personnel to immediately attend the Distressed Passengers.
  • Provision to facilitate desired help to passengers on board or at forthcoming stations.
  • Provision to have an outgoing conference call with the complainant to further assist him/her till complaint resolution.

A challenging task of establishing a Passenger Helpline CRM tool with a full proof end to end distress handling mechanism.


  • To facilitate The Call Center Executive to record minimal necessary details obtained from distressed passenger.
  • Seamless Integration with PRS and NTES Systems to obtain passenger details and train running details automatically in the event of distress.
  • Capability to transfer the incident details to concerned RPF staff and the RPF escorting party for early resolution of the problem.
  • Facility to have an outgoing conference call with the complainant to help him / her.

An Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) supported and integrated system to ensure lodging, reporting, monitoring, tracking and resolution of travellers security complaints.

Our Solution

Passenger Complaint

When a distressed passenger initiates a call it lands at RPF Divisional control room closest to the person. A Ticket is generated after the call is attended recording the necessary details. SMS for ticket generation is sent to the complainant along with unique ticket ID. Conversation between the complainant and the Call Centre Representative is recorded and available for reference. Registered ticket is forwarded to the post personnel. If the train is running in another division or zone, ticket can be forwarded to the concerned Division directly. Post, on receiving the ticket, assigns the same to one of their field officers. Once the issue is addressed, divisional control room is informed about the action taken who will contact the passenger to confirm if his/her issue has been resolved and accordingly close or re-assign the ticket. There is a facility of conference calling that enables the call centre representative to initiate a one to one communication among the division, complainant and the post officer in-charge. SMS is sent to complainant on ticket (case) closure. In case ticket is handed over to GRP, provision is there to provide concerned contact person's details.

Integration with PRS, NTES

Integration has been provided with the Passenger Reservation System and National Train Enquiry System. In case the complainant provides details related to PNR, the system will fetch the travelling passenger details from the Passenger Reservation System. If the complainant is able to provide details related to his train number, travel date and boarding station then the onward journey of the train can be fetched using National Train Enquiry System. This will facilitate providing help at the forthcoming stations also.

Alerting RPF Escort Party

The system internally transfers the incident details to concerned RPF staff and the RPF escorting party for early resolution of the problem and has a facility to have an outgoing conference call with the complainant to help him. There is an option to listen to the call recordings at a later point of time. An SMS is also sent to the complainant at the time of ticket closure.

Decision Support System (DSS)

The system provides a dashboard for a snapshot view of the number of complaints received and attended at various levels for monitoring and analytic purposes. Comprehensive reports have been provided to facilitate day to day working of the RPF personnel.

  • Easy monitoring of call Centre performance.
  • Passenger can check their registered Ticket status by calling 182 from any location.
  • Comprehensive reports provided to facilitate day to day working like Daily Summary Report, tickets generated in a day.
  • Caller report for the number of calls received from a particular number of Ticket report details
  • Comprehensive dashboard has been made available to provide at a glance snapshot view of number of complaints received and attended.
  • It also provides statistics related to Total, new and pending complaints including the specific number of complaints which are pending at various levels for action
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