Traction Distribution Management System


  • Migration of Traction Assets Management and Inspection from manual to electronic system.
  • To integrate Traction Assets Management with other Asset management platforms of Indian Railways.
  • Real time information capturing during traction assets inspections.
  • Forecasting of Asset life based on codal life and inspection results.

A challenging task of designing a system for overall management, inspections recording and proactive traction maintenance in order to improve traction assets reliability.


  • Improvisation in Data collection mechanisms through digitalization of Traction Assets and its maintenance records.
  • To eliminate the physical inspection registers through online recording & availability of all relevant information.
  • To automate data validation and verification processes thereby improving quality of Inspection.
  • Predictive and prioritized Asset Maintenance based on inspection results and asset codal life.

Being a customized Traction Assets Management tool, Traction Distribution Management System is a single point destination for all needs of Traction Assets information and maintenance.

Our Solution

Traction Assets Master

This module consists of various submodules of Mast/Portal, Turnout/X-over, ATD/ Regulating Equipment, Cantilever Assembly, PTFE, Section Insulator, Over line Structure, HT Crossing etc. and other assets related to Traction Distribution.

Inspection & Maintenance

This module captures asset maintenance details, planning and generates exception/compliances based on threshold values.

Failure Recording

This module records OHE failures which effect punctuality and Power Block/ Traffic Block.

Real Time Data Logging

Foot patrolling mobile app of TDMS enables Real time capturing of OHE defects and also provides facility of capturing and reporting defects photographs. .

GPS Based Tracking

Provision of GPS based tracking of Patrolling teams and OHE assets through online Map based tracking module.


Exception generation and SMS based alert mechanism to depot in-charge and officers has also been incorporated in this system.

Integration Capabilities

TDMS system has been designed to integrate seamlessly with other Asset management systems of Railways viz. Track management, Signal Assets management, etc.

Improved data accuracy

Digitalization of Traction Assets and its maintenance records improves data collection mechanism, eliminates data entry errors with reduced paper work and optimal utilization of staff.


Staff need not to carry registers for reporting and fetching data. All reports are available to each hierarchal level through Internet along with retrieval & historical pattern of data of any number of years.


Need based deployment of resources and machine (Tower Wagon etc.) results in optimum resource utilization and proactive traction maintenance leading to improved traction assets reliability.

Timely Receipt

No time lag between data gathering and analysis and ensures timely receipt of data from external entities.


• Standardized formats for data capture at centralized location of CRIS for all the Divisions/Zones.


• Automatic validation and verification of data improves quality of Inspection.
• Provisions for data entry directly by units/in charges, helps obviate frequent information delays.


• Defects do not get lost till attended and Prioritization of Works based on inspection results.
• Forecasting of Asset life based on codal life and inspection results.

Customized Report

Facility to generate Ad hoc-queries and customized/parameter-driven reports for better decision making on account of data analysis at different levels of hierarchy. Intelligent actionable reports available anytime anywhere through Internet.

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