Track Management System


  • Migration of Track Assets Management and Inspections from manual to electronic system.
  • To integrate Track Assets Management with other Asset management platforms of Indian Railways.
  • A single platform for Stores Management of all Inventory holding units across Indian Railways.
  • IOT enabled Real Time data collection and analysis for Track and Bridge health monitoring.

A challenging task of designing a system for overall management, inspections recording and proactive track and related assets maintenance in order to improve Track assets reliability.


  • Improvisation in Data collection mechanisms through digitalization of Track Assets and its maintenance records.
  • To eliminate the physical inspection registers through online recording & availability of all relevant information.
  • To automate data validation and verification processes thereby improving quality of Inspection.
  • Predictive and prioritized Asset Maintenance based on inspection results and asset codal life.

Being a customized Track Assets Management tool, Track Management System is a single point destination for all needs of Track Assets information and maintenance.

Our Solution

Data Acquisition

TMS includes various assets and miscellaneous masters, inspection and progress entry options to capture data from various users on different levels.

Inspection Module

TMS deals with two types of Inspections (Direct & Indirect). Direct inspections cover Push Trolley/Motor Trolley Inspection, Rear Vehicle/Foot Plate Inspection, LWR, Points & Crossing etc. Indirect inspections are done through various kinds of machines like OMS(Oscillation Monitoring System), TRC (Track Recording Cars), and USFD (Ultrasonic flaw detection) etc.

Track Diagram

Track Diagram is a pictorial depiction of track structure data such as Rails, Sleepers, Ballast, Fastenings, Bridges, Tunnels, Curves etc. Apart from track structure details, Track diagram also shows the following details which are critical for making any decision:
• PSR (Permanent Speed Restriction)
• Track Machine Deployment
• Fracture Details
• USFD (Ultrasonic Flaw Detection) defects
• Traffic Density (Yearly GMT)
• Track Geometry Index (TGI) as recorded by TRC Machines

Stores Management

Stores related to P-Way maintenance are spread all over and keeping track, optimum utilization and proper inventory management is very difficult. Normally periodic returns are in backlog. Balancing of excess and shortfall of materials at two places is difficult due to lack of centralized information. Putting all store management on IT enabled platform has emerged as only solution. Inventory holding units numbering almost 3000 all over the country are linked at one platform. This will enable optimization, balancing of inventory and disposal of scrap.

Fracture Analysis

Fracture analysis module is decision support related as it shows number of fractures based on various parameters This gives immense flexibility to take decisions. Apart from this, facility has been provided to compare fracture results with previous dates so that historical analysis can also be done.

Track Recording Car (TRC)

TMS application integrates with IOT devices to capture correct and real time data. There are various Track parameters like: a) Alignment b) Twist c) Gauge d) Unevenness e) TGI (Track Geometry Index).TRC Machines capture track parameters and send to TMS application.

Level Crossing Overhauling

Through this module, Analysis report for level crossing analysis can be generated for due overhauling on any specified date. Hence planning can be done in advance so that operating condition of every single level crossing can be maintained.

Field Sensor devices

Field sensor devices have been installed on selected locations as a POC for measuring rail temperature and bridge water level on major/important bridges. System has been developed to receive data from these field sensor devices on real time basis for taking corrective action in advance.

Information Management

TMS system is becoming a single source of information/knowledge management for various relevant documents such as Railway Board Circulars, Zonal Circulars, Important Instructions, and Important letters etc. which are being uploaded by designated officials and are being consumed by everyone in the hierarchy.

PCDO Module

Periodical Confidential Demi Official report contains full statistics of a particular department regarding targets, execution, achievement, comparison to previous statements and reasons for shortcomings and strategies to be adopted for certain improvement in future. The performances of Railways are scrutinized department wise and reported to immediate higher level by an official letter called Periodical Confidential Demi Official letters. These reports are between various Divisions to Zonal Railways and further to Railway Board.

SMS and E-mail

Through this system, alerts being sent to all concerned, right from Jr. Engineer in field up to Railway Board based on the severity of track asset conditions, inspection short falls, testing short falls etc.

Mobile version of TMS

Mobile version of TMS Application has also been developed to use this system on mobile & tablets and has turned out to be very useful for senior management and officials on the move. Important information and reports are made available through this mobile version which includes rail fracture analysis, IMR welds, overdue Ultrasonic testing, track machine working reports & Engineering Control's morning position etc.

Misc Services

  • Intelligent Actionable Reports available anytime anywhere and no time lag between data gathering and analysis thereof
  • Better decision making on account of data analysis at different levels of hierarchy
  • Prioritization of Works based on inspection results and 'Need Based' Deployment of Gang and Machine results in optimum resource utilization
  • Comparison of Track Quality Based on TRC & OMS Results and defect do not get lost till attended
  • Quality of inspection vastly improved, Overdue Inspections can be monitored
  • Track Renewal, Deep Screening, Accidents Reporting, Ballast Supply, Patrolling modules and their reports are helping to check the health of Tracks
  • Inventory management warning of stores falling below critical limit
  • Message Centre, a unique feature of this application which allows collaboration among users at different locations

  • Elimination of manual record keeping
  • Effective monitoring of inspections & follow-ups: Information available to all users including top management for timely decisions
  • Improved transparency at every level
  • Proactive maintenance actions possible using Data Analytics to ensure safety of track
  • Holistic planning at Zonal/Divisional level for fixing priorities of maintenance works
  • Quick access to information
  • Anywhere anytime access through web-based application
  • Complete data is available through a single window
  • Automated alerts
  • Better inventory management control
  • Optimum resource utilization possible
  • Green initiative, helping environment by saving tonnes of paper annually The inspectors and officers are now free from routine activities of collection and dissemination of information related to track and devote their time in real engineering works.


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